A Day for Pre-schoolers


  • Children will say goodbye to their parents for the day and be welcomed by their teachers in their classrooms. We help you and your children adjust to the transition as smoothly as possible to ensure they feel safe and confident coming to school every day.


  • Teachers will greet parents at the end of the day to inform them of their child’s performance during the day. It helps establish transparent and open communication between the school and our families.

Sleep Time

  • Sleep time during the day allows your child to rest and regain their energy in a calm, quiet, and comfortable environment.
  • Children will be able to listen to soothing music as they are comforted to sleep.


  • Your children will focus on cleanliness routines and using the washroom properly in a comfortable and safe environment.

Outdoor Time  

  • Twice a day (weather permitting), children have outdoor time to develop their gross motor skills. Explore and connect with the environment around them; socialize and interact with other children. 


  • Children are provided with the ability to choose the activities that interest them from open shelves that allow them to explore and be creative. The students will experience the development of concentration skills due to uninterrupted “work cycle”. The teachers will guide the children during this time and observe their strengths and areas of improvement in the activities they choose to help guide them through their day.
  • By providing the children with the freedom of choice in their learning, they are able to develop a sense of independence as they strengthen their problem solving and socialization skills.


  • Children will be provided with a nutritional and balanced diet that introduced them to a variety of diverse cultural foods. All of our children eat together along with staff to ensure a family-style setting that is welcoming. View our sample menu here.

Disclaimer: Children are unique and they develop at their own pace; however a typical day for a pre-schooler is shared with you.