a day for Senior Kindergarten


  • Children will say goodbye to their parents for the day and be welcomed by their teachers in their classrooms. We help you and your children adjust to the transition as smoothly as possible to ensure they feel safe and confident coming to school every day.
  • In the morning, your children will choose the activity they wish to participate in, and they will help prepare for breakfast by setting up the tables and ensuring everything is organized for their meal.

Morning Gatherings

  • During our morning gatherings, teachers and students will plan their day together. They will focus on virtues and values of the month. 


  • Children are provided with the opportunity to play outside every day during the recess break so they are provided with the opportunity to explore and connect with their environment around them. They are also provided with the opportunity to socialize and interact with their peers.


  • For independent learning, children are provided with the ability to choose activities that interest them from open shelves that allow them to explore and be creative. The students will experience the development of concentration skills due to uninterrupted “work cycle”. The teachers will guide the children during this time and observe their strengths and areas that they need to work on. 
  • By providing the children with the freedom of choice in their learning, they are able to develop a sense of independence as they strengthen their problem solving and socialization skills.


  • On a daily basis, your child will be engaged in learning mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills. 


  • Our structured daily activities allow children to embrace both language and literacy. Your child will develop a strong understanding of phonetics, reading and comprehension.
  • Story time and library with age appropriate books will develop their language skills. 

Art & Music

  • Children will have the opportunity to learn about art, music, and science as they explore their interests and enhance their passions for creativity and discovery.
  • Our activities are there to guide and further develop your child’s fine motor skills, awareness, spelling, comprehension, exploration, and reading skills.

Science & Technology

  • Our science activities will introduce children to animals, planets, the body, and the universe.


  • Gym activities will teach your children the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle as they explore the world around them and socialize with their peers as they play games throughout the day.
Culture (History & Geography)

  • Our History and Geography programs will teach your children about the diverse cultures around the world and provide them with a sense of understanding of important historical events.


  • Children will be provided with a nutritional and balanced diet that introduces them to different cultural tastes. All of our children eat together along with staff to ensure a family-style setting that is welcoming. View our sample menu here. 

Field Trips

  • We take children on planned field trips to connect with the community and further their understanding of topics they have learned in the classroom.

Disclaimer: Children are unique and they develop at their own pace; however a typical day for kindergarten is shared with you.