A Day for Toddlers


  • Teachers will create a warm, welcoming experience in the mornings that empowers your children to feel confident as they say goodbye to their parents for the day.
  • Children have the freedom to choose an activity of their choice in the morning that helps them settle into their day smoothly and calmly.


  • Teachers will greet parents at the end of the day to connect with them to establish transparent and open communication.

Sleep Time

  • Sleep time during the day allows your child to rest and regain their energy in a calm, quiet, and comfortable environment.
  • Children will be able to listen to soothing music as they are comforted to sleep.

Toilet Routine

  • Children will be introduced to toilet-training and will be encouraged throughout the day with their use of the washroom.

Outdoor Time

  • Your toddler will be provided with a safe outdoor environment that allows them to experience physical activities and develop gross motor skills.

Small-Group Learning

  • Your toddler will have the opportunity to focus on art to discover and develop their language and literacy skills through toys, art mediums, and books guided by our teachers.

Large Group Learning

  • Our teachers will perform extensive group learning activities that include singing nursery rhymes, sharing, and story time.
  • This large group learning is meant to develop your child’s self-esteem and confidence in themselves in their environment.

Independent Learning

  • Toddlers are given the opportunity to discover themselves in a supportive environment that teaches them about art, music, and language skills meant to stimulate and develop their social, emotional, and cognitive abilities.


  • Your children will eat and interact with teachers and other children in their group.
  • They will have the chance to try new foods and develop their motor skills to feed themselves. View our sample menu here.
Disclaimer: Children are unique and they develop at their own pace; however a typical day for a toddler is shared with you.