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About our School

The Ministry of Education licensed Schoolhouse Montessori in Mississauga, Ontario to operate a Montessori curriculum for children eighteen months to six years. We offer full-day, half-day, and part-time programs. We are committed to providing high quality, inclusive early learning programs for the children in our community while following the educational methods developed by Dr. Maria Montessori

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Schoolhouse Advantage

Our Nurturing Environment

When children join Schoolhouse Montessori, we provide parents and families with the assurance that children are welcomed with open arms. Our classroom environments nurture and support children on their road to discovery, so they feel safe and comfortable during their time with us.

Our Diverse Curriculum and Programs

Our Montessori curriculum is meant to teach children about self-discovery in a nurturing and collaborative environment. Our education philosophy is guided based on developing your child’s emotional, social, and physical growth while preparing them to cognitively mature and make a positive impact on their community.

Our Passionate Staff

We are confident that our highly qualified staff and teachers will provide children with an optimal and loving education experience. With years of experience, a  diverse background  and expertise, our staff is passionate and equipped to guide children through their development.

Our Openness to Explore New Possibilities

Schoolhouse Montessori takes pride in providing your children the ability to explore new subjects, languages, and cultures through a hands on learning approach. This will enable children to explore their surroundings while fostering healthy development and positive learning. We are prepared to support and guide your child through their passions and curiosity as they embrace the world around them.

Our Confidence in Your Children

We believe that children thrive in environments where they are welcomed with open arms and are offered the opportunity to learn while being authentic. We believe that every child is exceptional, capable and competent.

Facts About Us

Our Philosophy
Happy Children and Happy Parents

We are committed to supporting your children in academics and self-discovery. We believe our educational environment should provide the perfect combination of intellectual stimulation, social and personal development. We aim to encourage curiosity while nurturing creativity and imagination in an environment that fosters respect, independence, self-confidence, and above all, their natural love for learning.

This is our Mission

We believe in the potential of all children, and wish to welcome your child into our family. We will celebrate their academic achievements and watch in delight as they develop empathy, shared social responsibility, and a sound moral compass—gifts that will follow them into grade school and throughout their lives.

Our Team

The Schoolhouse Montessori staff in Mississauga, Ontario is honoured to have the opportunity to teach your children. We take pride in offering a unique and nurturing environment for all students. We help guide them through their development to ensure they are supported and encouraged to become their authentic selves. We strongly believe that every day brings forth new opportunities to learn and connect with ourselves and the community around us. Our staff is highly qualified and passionate about teaching students at different levels. They will provide your child with knowledge and experience that will shape them. 

We look forward to learning about you and your children to encourage open communication and collaboration between our staff and families. 

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