Is Schoolhouse Montessori licensed in Ontario?

Yes, Schoolhouse Montessori in Mississauga is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education to operate and deliver our curriculum. Our school is also randomly inspected by licensing officers, health and fire departments to ensure our staff, students and families are always in a safe environment. 

What educational qualifications do teachers and staff hold?

All of our outstanding teachers and staff have been carefully chosen based on various factors such as their education, including early childhood education, Montessori Diploma and completion of requirements that are implemented by the Government of Ontario. Our teachers and staff also hold a diverse set of skills and experiences that will enhance your child’s learning experience. All staff members at the Schoolhouse Montessori in Mississauga have undergone criminal record checks before they are hired to ensure the utmost safety of your children. Every team member has also been formally trained in CPR and first aid that is continuously updated. At Schoolhouse Montessori, we also encourage our teachers and staff to keep learning and expanding their interests as well as pursue professional development further.

Will my child adjust to this learning environment?

Here at Schoolhouse Montessori in Mississauga, we understand that each child has different needs and schedule requirements that need to be nurtured. As we welcome your children into our safe and warm environment, we will work with your children to ensure their transition is as smooth and comforting as possible. Through our curriculum and class schedule, your children will have the opportunity to develop personalized routines that support their development needs. They will experience an array of stimulating and nurturing activities that will promote healthy development, including music, and time outdoors.

Is there a disciplinary policy at Schoolhouse Montessori?

Here at Schoolhouse Montessori in Mississauga, your children will learn to develop positive behavioural skills, confidence and self-control through our carefully designed curriculum intended to nurture your child’s well-being in a welcoming and safe environment. While we do not tolerate disciplinary consequences such as time outs or raising our voices, our staff are highly trained to speak calmly to your children regarding their actions and behaviours, followed by encouraging them to choose another activity to direct them.

How long will my child be outdoors every day?

We value the importance of spending time outdoors to play, explore and learn. Therefore, each child at our school is encouraged to spend a minimum of two hours outside each day. We have ample space connected to our school to inspire children to get active and boost their social and gross motor skills. 

How will I be kept informed about my child’s daily schedule?

We encourage parents to be as involved with their children’s learning and daily schedules as much as possible. Therefore, parents will be able to view their child’s daily progress and class schedules from the convenience of an app that all parents, teachers, and staff members can access.

Parent-teacher conferences provide an opportunity for a one-on-one update on your child’s progress.

We also encourage families to communicate with us without hesitation whenever you feel it is necessary. 

How does Schoolhouse Montessori differ from other Montessori schools in Mississauga?

Our main priority and objectives are to welcome and nurture children by providing them with a safe and warm environment to encourage their learning and development. Our school offers a diverse set of curriculum and programs that are available for your children to begin their self-discovery journey by supporting their physical, social, cognitive, intellectual and emotional growth through collaborative and interactive learning. 

The staff at Schoolhouse Montessori in Mississauga are not only highly educated and experienced in education but are also passionate about supporting all children throughout their development. Our school allows children to explore and discover their passions by enabling them to explore new subjects, cultures and languages by encouraging hands-on learning. Our teachers are there to help guide your children as they explore boundless curiosity and possibilities. Your child will thrive in their development and become confident in their abilities and talents every day they are with us. 

How does the Schoolhouse Montessori Curriculum Work?

Our school’s Montessori curriculum was founded by the idea that children learn best by exploring and experiencing their environments on their own terms naturally. Rather than instructing your children, our teachers are trained to guide your child’s natural learning process by allowing them to choose the subjects and activities they are interested in until they have mastered their skills. Our goal is to inspire collaboration, creativity, confidence and intellectual development in all of our students. Children will have the opportunity to learn through endless activities, materials and unique experiences that are carefully designed to foster their development naturally. 

What qualifies my child as being a good fit for Schoolhouse Montessori?

We welcome and embrace students from diverse backgrounds regardless of their personal circumstances. Our philosophy is to follow and guide your children on their journey to self-discovery and development. Therefore, we believe that all children are suitable for our curriculum and learning structure. Our jobs as caregivers and teachers of your children are to ensure they thrive in their environment and are supported each day through a warm and nurturing environment that allows them to discover endless possibilities. 

Will my child be able to transition to a conventional school structure when they are older?

While the transition from a Montessori learning environment to a traditional learning environment will be a learning curve in terms of their educational structure, our learning method teaches children to embrace confidence, problem-solving skills and flexibility that will allow them to handle the transition well.