Our preschool curriculum was created to stimulate and develop all aspects of your child’s brain and social development. We encourage our students to independently choose activities and lessons they enjoy while guiding them through their strengths and areas that they need to work on to develop them into well-rounded individuals. Our teachers encourage and support your children to become confident in their abilities and celebrate their diversity and uniqueness every day in our pre-school classrooms.

Program at a glance

  • An in-depth and collaborative curriculum that will help your child build their foundations for learning.
  • The chance to learn about art, singing, music, and exercise daily.
  • Daily reports for parents to track progress.
  • Nutritional menus are prepared in-house by our qualified chef.

Preschool Curriculum

Staff to Student Ratio 1:8

Children in this group will be surrounded by a safe and nurturing learning experience that allows them to enhance their social skills and learn how to express themselves. Our teachers will guide your children in recognizing letters, numbers including how to write their names. Our program focuses on teaching your children how to form routines and be respectful in their environments as they interact with other children.

Being a Montessori in a multicultural city, we believe in celebrating the diversity in our classrooms, which is why your children will learn about various cultural practices and respectful human values that will prepare them for the future.

Language Development

Our school encourages children to immerse themselves in conversations and stories that help them develop strong verbal and written communication. Our staff also works diligently with children to guide them through their writing, grammar, sentence structure, and phonetics to support their reading development.


Our mathematics curriculum helps children in comprehending the basics of mathematical principles, including:

  • The exploration and mastery of number recognition
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication and division
  • Time
  • Fractions
  • Measurements


We believe that music provides children with the opportunity and confidence to express themselves in their environment. Your children will learn songs, rhymes, and activities that allow them to be active and explore their creativity.

Cultural Studies

We believe in respecting and celebrating each child’s cultural heritage. Therefore, your children will have the opportunity to learn about various cultures worldwide as they explore maps and their environment to make sense of their surroundings.

Practical Life

Your children will learn about taking care of themselves, others, and their environment. They will have the opportunity to participate in daily routines such as washing dishes, preparing food, and cleaning up their environments to develop motor skills and a sense of responsibility.

Sensory Development

The Montessori materials are designed to enhance the senses of the child through hands-on experiences.

Outdoor Learning

We believe that for children to develop, they need to connect with nature, so we encourage children to participate in an active lifestyle that will enable them to spend time outdoors and learn about their environment.