Are you interested in giving your toddler a strong start in their language development with other children and qualified educators? Research tells us that children develop their language when exposed to a language enriched setting. All of our educators are trained in child development and introduce activities that promote brain stimulation through hands-on learning. The social interaction and modelling of their “guides” will support your child’s developmental journey.

Program at a glance

  • The educational curriculum that instills a love of learning.
  • Introduction to Montessori materials.
  • Small groups allow for strong peer relationships and social developments.
  • Art, drama, music and gym activities.
  • Nutritional menus created by our chef.

Toddler Curriculum

Staff to Student Ratio 1:5

Our toddler curriculum provides a compassionate and stimulating environment that will support your child in development. Our goal is to introduce your child to develop routines, social interaction, conflict resolution and self regulation. Opportunities are provided to your toddlers to enhance their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and cognitive development.