What is Montessori

The Montessori Method of teaching was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, who based her educational methods on her extensive research and scientific observations that children do not learn from others, but rather from themselves. Montessori education is based on self-directed activity, collaboration with other children and teachers in a safe environment. Children are provided the opportunity to make creative choices. At the same time, their teachers provide them with appropriate activities to guide their learning process. This freedom of exploration and discovery helps children in developing their maximum potential and early childhood development.

Why Montessori?

  • Children are provided the opportunity to explore their passions and interests.  
  • Children are able to learn through a hands-on approach that stimulates their emotional, social, and cognitive development.
  • Children are encouraged to express themselves and collaborate with their peers to enhance their educational experience.
  • Montessori learning guides children on their journey to self-discovery. It provides them with the knowledge to become confident individuals who respect and celebrate their differences and their peers’ differences.